Hey you! Yes, you – the one sitting there, reading this blog. When was the last time you showed off your moves on the dance floor? Was it back in the ’70s? The ’80s? Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter. Dancing has NO age limit!

A great thing about line dancing is that it doesn’t require a dance partner, so you don’t have to wrangle someone to do classes with you (although you still can, if you like – the more the merrier ;)). It’s also perfect for social distancing as it doesn’t require interaction with other dancers and we can spread out as much as we like (as soon as the government gives us the green light to resume classes!).

The best part? Line dancing comes with a ton of health benefits!

Betters your mood

Getting together with others to dance to some fun tunes is a sure way to boost your mood. After a line dancing class you won’t be able to help smiling. And as you improve, your confidence will grow and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Keeps you in shape

We all know that we need to keep in shape, no matter what age we are. But exercise is boring for many people. Line dancing presents the perfect alternative to gym sessions. You’ll have lots of fun moving to the music that you won’t realise you’re also getting a great workout! Simple, fun, yet just as effective.

Improves your balance and stamina

Finding moving around a little more difficult than before? Movement through line dancing will help keep your muscles strong, increase your stamina and improve your balance.

Sharpens your memory

Your memory is like a muscle. The more you use it, the sharper it gets. So how do you go about using your memory in a fun and interactive way? Line dancing is the perfect solution as it involves a set of dance steps that you memorise and practice. So you’re not just using your body, but your mind too!

Widens your social network

Line dancing gets you out and meeting new people. Making new friends can be more difficult as we get older, and joining a line dancing class brings together people that might not normally have met. You’ll be sure to find new friends while you’re having fun dancing, and you can bring your existing friends to join the fun too.

Slows the aging process

Line dancing is no miracle drug, but it’s definitely one way to improve your quality of life. Studies are showing dance to be one of the most effective forms of exercise for helping slow the aging process. It’s even linked to lower the risk of dementia. You can read more about this at Dance and Fitness. But it’s not hard to imagine that something that is enjoyable, keeps you fit, stimulates your brain and helps you develop relationships, is going to help you feel and stay younger.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got grandkids or you’re retired – anyone can dance. In fact, we know of a lady in a wheelchair who does line dancing. She’s adapted steps for a wheelchair and she’s amazing. So think of that, and all the amazing health benefits we’ve just listed, and really, you have no excuse 🙂

See you at the next class!